How grocery retail can use data to stay competitive: 3 uses cases

This webinar, highlighting 3 use cases on how to use data to stay ahead, is a "must-attend"!

In this 45 minute short webinar, we will go over 3 use cases within grocery retail, showing you how qualitative data can help you make strategic business decisions and eliminate frequent day-to-day pain (data 😉) points. The use cases we’ll go over are:

  1. Price setting for seasonal assortments
  2. Benchmarking a promotional strategy
  3. Product matching

In the webinar we'll show you practical examples of how data can answer these, and many more, questions:

  • Could my company benefit from increasing prices to optimize our margins?
  • Who are the dominant competitors in the category I manage in terms of promotions?
  • How can I compare my company’s private label products, as well as fresh products, with the competitions’?

We'll allow time for your questions so that you can walk away with concrete answers. Your hosts for this webinar are Head of Sales Dirk Degelaen and Head of Product Delivery Bob van der Vleuten.

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  • June 01, 2023 at 12:00 - in English
  • June 15, 2023 at 12:00 - in German


About Daltix

Daltix is a retail data provider, specialising in highly accurate and qualitative data. The data makes deriving insights easy and decision making truly fact based.  Data access is daily and seamless, another significant benefit in the industry's very competitive landscape. Daltix's data collections spans over at least 100 retailers across Europe and the experience data science team manages the processing of more than 100M data points per day.  

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